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Ac Maintenance Service

Ac Maintenance Service AC Maintenance Service Dubai: What is the maintenance of air conditioning: To extend service life The lack of refrigerant gas and dirty heat exchangers greatly reduce the life of the compressor – the main element of the system Air conditioning works at full capacity In Middle East regions, like Dubai UAE, air […]

Ac Cleaning

Ac cleaning Dubai Cleaning the air conditioner indoor unit: Filter Wash Evaporator treatment (internal heat exchanger) Cleaning the fan impeller Ac Drainage cleaning drain pan drain hose drainage pump Cleaning the external unit of the Air Conditioning system: dry clean high pressure water wash (karcher) car wash The cost affects: Number of air conditioners (discount […]

Preparing Air Conditioner for hot weather in dubai

Work on the prevention of split Ac systems: Cleaning the indoor unit: filters, housing, heat exchanger, fan Cleaning the outdoor unit Check leak detector refrigerant gas Checking the pressure in the system and refilling the refrigerant (refrigerant gas) Rolling compound pulling Clearing the drainage system: drain pan, drain hose, pump Wire pulling in terminal block […]

HVAC Circuit Board Repair

HVAC Circuit Board Repair for air conditioners All Done Ac Maintenance Co. LLC specialists repair control boards of any brand of air conditioners from Daikin and Mitsubishi, to Chinese air conditioners of unknown brands, repair air conditioner PCB boards in Dubai. Boards are repaired regardless of the design – wall Ac, duct Ac, cassette Ac, […]

Why is the Air Conditioner noisy?

Is your Air Conditioner noisy? Noisy Ac Maintenance Company Dubai Noise from the indoor unit Usually, the noise from the air conditioner appears several years after using the Ac without service, or even during its operation. But there are also possible extraneous sounds immediately after the installation of the split system. It is very important […]

Difference Between Inverter Air Conditioner and Classic Ac

Inverter Ac Maintenance Dubai  This article is written to answer questions from air conditioners’ users, so that a simple person can understand the difference between inverter air conditioners and ordinary ones. This is written on many resources, but most of them are a set of certain stamps and are aimed at persuading a person to […]

Bryant Air Conditioners Error Codes

Bryant Air Conditioners Error Codes Bryant Ac Maintenance Dubai Table 19 shows the status codes flashed by the amber status light.Most system problems can be diagnosed by reading the status code as flashed by the amber status light on the control board. The codes are flashed by a series of short and long flashes of the status […]

Beko AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Beko Ac Error Codes and Trouble Shooting Beko Ac Maintenance Dubai When air conditioner status is abnormal, temperature indicator on indoor unit will blink to display corresponding error code. Please refer to blow list for identification of error. Error Codes Cause H1 Means defrosting status. It’s the normal phenomenon. E5 It can be eliminated after […]

Aux AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Aux Ac Error Codes and Trouble Shooting Aux Ac Maintenance Dubai AUX Air Conditioning Error Codes; 1.HS(Y) HSA(Y) HSB(Y) HSF (Y) HV(Y) HVA(Y) digital display for the series air-conditioner faults: Error Codes Problem E4 PG motor feedback is abnormal. The display precedence level: 1 E1 Plastic temp sensor is abnormal. The display precedence level: 2 […]

Amvent Air Conditioner Error Codes

Amvent Air Conditioner Error Codes Amvent Ac Maintenance Dubai Amvent Mini Split AC; In case of error, the display on the indoor unit shown the following error codes: E1-flashes once -The fault of indoor temperature senser E2-flashes twice-The fault of indoor pipe temperature senser E6-flashes 6 times-Malfunction of indoor fan motor Troubleshooting Malfunction: The Air […]