Why is the Air Conditioner noisy?

Is your Air Conditioner noisy?

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Noise from the indoor unit

Usually, the noise from the air conditioner appears several years after using the Ac without service, or even during its operation.

But there are also possible extraneous sounds immediately after the installation of the split system.

It is very important to correctly identify the source of the noise, after that, knowing the cause, it will be much easier to eliminate unpleasant sounds.

Causes of Ac noise:

Fan noise

    • fan bearing

      • during operation, a roar is heard, the fan stops immediately after shutdown, scrolls with a small

    • grazing

      • Usually in old air conditioners due to warping and deformation of plastics

    • grazing ice

      • details of the reasons for the formation and elimination of ice are described in the article

Buzz off

  • buzz is not loud, but prevents to fall asleep

  • common in cheap Chinese air conditioners

  • problem is solved by replacing the power transformer

Hiss on power

  • the cause is the flow of refrigerant in the air conditioner tubes

  • manifests when the tubes break and the section narrows

  • also observed when clogged internal cavities tubes

  • after installation of used air conditioners

Air Conditioner vibration

  • sometimes the air conditioner can vibrate very much, almost flying off the mounts on the wall

  • the reason is the imbalance of the fan impeller

  • can fly off a balancing weight (like on car disks)

  • more often the cause is severe contamination of the impeller – unbalancing occurs either because of the irregularity of the pollution along the length or after a piece of dirt flies off from a small area

Noise drainage pump

  • drainage pump starts to crack when it fails, in this case you need to clean or replace the pump

  • crackling will also occur when the air conditioner is idle for a long time, as the pump produces a crackling sound when it is dry, it will stop after a short cod

Noise from the Ac outdoor unit

Since the external units of air conditioners are installed in close proximity to the internal one, most often outside the window, therefore, the noise from the external unit sometimes gets in the way, especially at night, not only to the owner of the air conditioner, but also to his neighbors.

Causes of noise from the external unit

No vibration damping rubber gaskets

  • vibration dampers located between the brackets and legs of the air conditioner
  • they reduce the transmission of vibrations from the air conditioner to the wall

The mounting bracket bolts are in contact with the metal reinforcement of the reinforced concrete wall

  • at the same time there is a feeling that the wall is vibrating

  • it is possible to eliminate only by drilling holes in another place (near) and moving the fixings

Compressor wear

  • after many years of operation and lack of maintenance, the compressor will have extraneous noises and vibrations

Fan noise

  • grazing and foreign objects are often caught

  • ice grazing in heating mode

  • overtones from design elements

  • cheap air conditioners often vibrate lattice elements, covers

  • usually solved by removing them or by laying seals

  • do not be afraid to remove non-functional elements, they serve only for appearance and they are often saved

We have analyzed the main causes and ways of dealing with noisy air conditioners, but it is worth remembering that after many years of work, the equipment will not work as new, especially if the main body material is plastic.

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