Ac Cleaning

Ac cleaning Dubai

Cleaning the air conditioner indoor unit:

  • Filter Wash
  • Evaporator treatment (internal heat exchanger)
  • Cleaning the fan impeller
  • Ac Drainage cleaning
      • drain pan
      • drain hose
      • drainage pump

Cleaning the external unit of the Air Conditioning system:

  • dry clean
  • high pressure water wash (karcher)
  • car wash

The cost affects:

  • Number of air conditioners (discount from 2 air conditioners)
  • Availability of air conditioning
  • (dismantling the ceiling, the release of the passage to the air conditioner)
  • Climber or aerial platform services
  • Night work

Ac Filter Wash

Dust coarse filters (grids, as many call them) are washed under running cool running water, drying is not required, moisture does not interfere with the operation of the air conditioner. The need for washing the filters can be determined by the presence of a layer of dust on them.

Ac Evaporator treatment

The evaporator is a coil of copper tubes with fins of thin aluminum plates – as in a car radiator, only the plates are thinner and more often located.

Evaporator processing types:

  • mechanical
  • chemical
  • antibacterial
  • high pressure washing

For mechanical Ac cleaning a special brush is used, which does not crush the ribs. It is used for heavy pollution.

Chemical treatment removes inorganic and organic contaminants from the evaporator – fats, soot layer, tobacco smoke particles, fine dust that accumulates passing through dust filters.

Sometimes, due to a layer of such dust, the air is completely not cooled when passing through the indoor unit. 

In case of contamination that cannot be removed by chemical means, the indoor unit is washed with a high-pressure washer – with a Karcher, with its dismantling and subsequent installation.

Antibacterial treatment of Ac will prevent the formation of fungi, mold and destroy the existing accumulations of bacteria in the air conditioner. Also, this measure will eliminate odors from the air conditioner.

For this purpose, special means are used, which are produced in aerosol cans, ready for use, or in the form of concentrates, which must first be diluted with water.

“Master of Cold” uses such tools for processing evaporators:

  • Easyclean
  • Easycare
  • Domestic means “Nanopirit”
  • Tophouse
  • Hydrocoil

All these tools have been tested and approved by manufacturers of air conditioners and condensate pumps.

Cleaning the fan impeller

With a small amount of contamination in Ac System, it can be cleaned with a brush, followed by chemical treatment.

If the contamination of the impeller is large, then it will have to be removed and washed.

Drainage cleaning

Gravity drain system

With this type of drainage, pollution often accumulates at bends or tapered areas. Effectively cleaned can be mechanically – purging with compressed gas. after that, it is necessary to spill the drain hose with water, preferably with the addition of chemical agents, as this will prevent the formation of mold and mildew, which also cause clogging of the drain hole and the hose.

Pump drainage system

Cleaning of this type of drainage system differs only in that it additionally has a float signal bath. It is necessary to monitor its purity most closely and regularly, since in the presence of dirt false alarms occur in it, which leads to the operation of the pump “dry” – this is the most common cause of the drain pump failure. The cost of replacing the pump is quite high, so we recommend regular cleaning of pump systems.

Ac indoor unit Cleaning

Dust filters (coarse filters) 

Dust filters are cleaned with cold running water, this procedure is available to any air conditioner user.

The frequency of washing the filters – in fact, on the frequency of use and the degree of air pollution. Learn what you need to clean the filter by opening the air conditioner panel – if the filters has accumulated a layer of dust, they should be washed under running water, if the contamination is not removed, it is recommended to use neutral cleaners.

Ac outdoor unit Cleaning

How necessary is this procedure?

Many people think that after the removal of dry brush “carpet” of poplar fluff and dust outdoor unit is completely pure and it is possible to finish the cleaning.

In fact, as it does not sound paradoxical, this “carpet” often does not interfere with the normal condensation of freon, only slightly delaying the passage of air through the edges of the condenser.

Particularly worsen the heat exchange particles of exhaust gases, grease and dust deposited on the inner surface of the ribs. Experts are well aware that when washing with high pressure water a clean-looking condenser, which even “shines through”, very dirty water flows out of it and, moreover, for a long time.

If your air conditioner is in the area of ​​exhaust emissions, increased dust formation and other air pollutants, it should be regularly washed with a high-pressure washer.

How to wash the Air conditioner in Dubai?

A condenser is needed for washing – a heat exchanger consisting of copper tubes with aluminum fins.

In order not to bend the edges of the water stream is required to direct strictly parallel to the ribs. To do this, direct the stream to the rear (or front) of the condenser and wash the entire surface evenly.

If the location allows, then this can be done with a simple straight nozzle, available in any wash set. But in most cases, this requires a corner nozzle, allowing to penetrate into the space between the wall and the outdoor unit.

Disassembling the case or washing the air conditioners on the fan side is not correct, it does not make sense. 

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Why is the Air Conditioner noisy?

Is your Air Conditioner noisy?

Noisy Ac Maintenance Company Dubai

Noise from the indoor unit

Usually, the noise from the air conditioner appears several years after using the Ac without service, or even during its operation.

But there are also possible extraneous sounds immediately after the installation of the split system.

It is very important to correctly identify the source of the noise, after that, knowing the cause, it will be much easier to eliminate unpleasant sounds.

Causes of Ac noise:

Fan noise

    • fan bearing

      • during operation, a roar is heard, the fan stops immediately after shutdown, scrolls with a small

    • grazing

      • Usually in old air conditioners due to warping and deformation of plastics

    • grazing ice

      • details of the reasons for the formation and elimination of ice are described in the article

Buzz off

  • buzz is not loud, but prevents to fall asleep

  • common in cheap Chinese air conditioners

  • problem is solved by replacing the power transformer

Hiss on power

  • the cause is the flow of refrigerant in the air conditioner tubes

  • manifests when the tubes break and the section narrows

  • also observed when clogged internal cavities tubes

  • after installation of used air conditioners

Air Conditioner vibration

  • sometimes the air conditioner can vibrate very much, almost flying off the mounts on the wall

  • the reason is the imbalance of the fan impeller

  • can fly off a balancing weight (like on car disks)

  • more often the cause is severe contamination of the impeller – unbalancing occurs either because of the irregularity of the pollution along the length or after a piece of dirt flies off from a small area

Noise drainage pump

  • drainage pump starts to crack when it fails, in this case you need to clean or replace the pump

  • crackling will also occur when the air conditioner is idle for a long time, as the pump produces a crackling sound when it is dry, it will stop after a short cod

Noise from the Ac outdoor unit

Since the external units of air conditioners are installed in close proximity to the internal one, most often outside the window, therefore, the noise from the external unit sometimes gets in the way, especially at night, not only to the owner of the air conditioner, but also to his neighbors.

Causes of noise from the external unit

No vibration damping rubber gaskets

  • vibration dampers located between the brackets and legs of the air conditioner
  • they reduce the transmission of vibrations from the air conditioner to the wall

The mounting bracket bolts are in contact with the metal reinforcement of the reinforced concrete wall

  • at the same time there is a feeling that the wall is vibrating

  • it is possible to eliminate only by drilling holes in another place (near) and moving the fixings

Compressor wear

  • after many years of operation and lack of maintenance, the compressor will have extraneous noises and vibrations

Fan noise

  • grazing and foreign objects are often caught

  • ice grazing in heating mode

  • overtones from design elements

  • cheap air conditioners often vibrate lattice elements, covers

  • usually solved by removing them or by laying seals

  • do not be afraid to remove non-functional elements, they serve only for appearance and they are often saved

We have analyzed the main causes and ways of dealing with noisy air conditioners, but it is worth remembering that after many years of work, the equipment will not work as new, especially if the main body material is plastic.

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Difference Between Inverter Air Conditioner and Classic Ac

Inverter Ac Maintenance Dubai 

This article is written to answer questions from air conditioners’ users, so that a simple person can understand the difference between inverter air conditioners and ordinary ones.

This is written on many resources, but most of them are a set of certain stamps and are aimed at persuading a person to purchase a more expensive inverter air conditioner , regardless of the buyer’s needs.

Sometimes there are articles in which nonsense is written, compiled by a marketer rather than a technical specialist.

The authors are not particularly puzzled by the proof of the information given, they simply rewrite articles from each other.

The difference between inverter and “on / off” air conditioners


  • In the inverter there is an electronic power board in the external unit, in the classic there is no
  • Compressor motors have different operating principles.

Everything else – the type of electric motors of fans, the type of TRV, and other technical nuances depend on the model of the air conditioner , and not on the method of power control.

By the method of power control:

  • Inverter – continuously adjustable power
  • On / off-air conditioning – speed, cyclic

Advantages of inverter air conditioners: myths and reality

So, according to the sales organizations, the inverter air conditioner:

  • Saves electricity
  • It works more quietly
  • Less harmful to health
  • More durable
  • More reliable than non-inverter

Below we analyze each item separately, what is true and what does not correspond to reality or is a clever marketing move.

Energy saving air conditioning in Dubai

Manufacturers of air conditioners promise energy savings when using an inverter up to 30%.

Unfortunately, all the studies are conducted by the manufacturers of refrigeration equipment themselves.

A very popular visual comparison scheme is the process of cooling and driving, which is not correct and does not reflect the essence of the process.

At the same time, an electronic unit appears in the inverter air conditioner, which is not found in a conventional air conditioner.

In the inverter module, some of the electricity is lost, which is converted into heat.

The volume of losses is clearly visible in the size of the radiator, which is installed to remove heat in the outdoor unit.

In any case, even with a maximum savings of 30%, taking into account the cost of electricity, and the difference in the cost of inverter and classic air conditioners, the payback period is more than three years.

When using the air conditioner only in summer in cooling mode, for a short period of time, the payback period increases.

For European countries, the period is shortened due to higher tariffs for electricity, so inverter air conditioners are more popular there.

If the air conditioner breaks, the payback period may move for an indefinite period due to the high cost of the inverter ac spare parts.

Inverter air conditioners have low noise

Split system consists of two blocks – internal and external, we consider them separately.

Indoor unit:

It is located indoors and its noise level does not depend on the way the compressor is controlled (as it is located in the outdoor unit outside).

The noise produced by the air conditioner depends on the flow rate of the exhaust air and the aerodynamic qualities of the fan impeller and the casing.

That is, the noise level of the indoor unit depends on the specific model of the air conditioner, but not on the inverter control of the compressor.

To reduce the noise level, manufacturers use a special profile of the fan impeller and the shape of the outlet.

It often happens that cheap Asian inverters are noisier compared to branded non-inverter models of air conditioners.

External unit:

In modern air conditioners are installed so quiet compressors that the main noise creates a fan.

Fan operation is also independent of compressor control technology.

An air conditioner that is malfunctioning or improperly mounted can vibrate and make noise, for example, when a fixing bolt has fallen into a reinforcement in a concrete wall and directly transmits sound and vibrations to it.

Read more about the causes of air conditioning noise here .

Air Conditioners life

As the manufacturers and trading organizations promise, the average service life of an inverter air conditioner is about two times longer than an inverter air conditioner and is 8-15 years (different companies have different information).

The service life of the air conditioner is increased by increasing the service life of the compressor, since the number of starts in the inverter air conditioner is reduced and there are no high starting currents, which reduces compressor wear.

And now let’s remember the old Soviet refrigerators – for many they worked for twenty years, and the compressors felt quite normal.

You can still remember the air conditioners BC – Baku window-sill, they can now be seen in working condition.

And imported air conditioners of the O-general, Super General, Daikin,, Toshiba or Sanyo brands, imported at the beginning of the restructuring, are discarded during repairs only because of their unsightly appearance. But they worked according to the classical scheme, without an inverter converter.

So the conclusion suggests itself, air conditioner compressors are very reliable and durable devices, of course, if they are made at a factory of a well-established company.

But the compressor may fail due to poor installation:

  • When moisture enters the cold compartment, an acid is formed that destroys the insulation of the engine
  • In case of oil leakage, the compressor will operate without lubrication.

Or in the absence of service:

  • The compressor will operate under reduced pressure if it is not refueled in time.
  • The compressor can operate at elevated pressure and load if the heat exchangers are not cleaned in time.

It does not matter whether the inverter air conditioner or normal, the compressor will break in that and in another case.

Another factor affecting the service life of an air conditioner is that the inverter ac has additional electronic cards – a power board that provides power conversion and compressor power, and a control card that provides communication with the indoor unit and control of the power unit.

The boards may break due to overvoltage or due to overheating of the power module, the protection does not always cope with its function.

Often, electronics is a weaker link than a compressor.

Inverter air conditioners accurately maintain the room temperature

Due to the change in compressor performance, the inverter air conditioner is able to quite accurately maintain the set air temperature.

But there is one “but.” The process of cooling the air in the room has a certain inertia, that is, it takes some time to cool it.

Now imagine any office, the air conditioner is working, the door has opened – a client has come, a kettle has been turned on, a computer has been turned off, someone has opened a window.

Naturally, temperature stability is out of the question.

Of course, another thing is a bedroom or children’s room, in these rooms the inverter can quite accurately maintain the temperature.

Disadvantages of inverter air conditioners

  • High price
  • Break more often
  • Expensive parts and long delivery time

Inverters electronic filling is completely different, and from time to time fails.

The cost of the boards is from 10 000 p., Which is comparable to the cost of some non-inverter air conditioners, plus the cost of replacing the board. Repairing the board is not always possible due to the fact that manufacturers use power modules that are not commercially available.

It is because of the inverter electronics that are less reliable than conventional air conditioners, this is especially true for Russia, where the quality of the mains supply is very unstable.

But technologies do not stand still and maybe soon the inverter will completely replace the old type air conditioners.

In addition, all new technologists who appear are used primarily in inverter models – economical compressors with DC motors, twin-rotor compressors, with extremely low vibration levels, swing rotor compressors, with reduced friction force, fan blades with a special low-noise profile and etc.

Which air conditioner to choose, inverter or classic?

An inverter air conditioner is more suitable for a bedroom, as its another advantage is in partial power mode, temperature maintenance, the air temperature at the exit from the indoor unit is higher than from the usual one, which reduces the risk of a cold from the air conditioner.
The choice of the type of air conditioner depends on the goals, that is, what room it will cool.

But in the premises with a short-term stay of people or with uneven and abrupt heat leakage all the advantages of the inverter are lost.

Since inverters are technically more complex products, the price for them is obviously higher.

With a limited budget, the best choice would be to purchase a non-inverter air conditioner of middle or higher class than an inverter split-system of low level.

Since the technical characteristics of such air conditioners are better, and the reliability is even more so.

Therefore, the choice is yours, but you must not forget that the more expensive the air conditioner, the more expensive its repair.

Application area Recommended air conditioning Note
Bedroom Inverter Less risk of catching cold
Kitchen Non inverter All the advantages of inverters become invisible.
Office Non inverter The design look is not important;

The noise of any air conditioner is blocked by the office noise;

The acquisition of an inverter will not have time to pay off, for example, it will break or the office will change the place of rent.

The shops Non inverter No matter the appearance and noise characteristics
Server Non inverter In an emergency it is easier to repair and quickly find analog parts.

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Air Conditioner Service

Air Conditioner Service in Dubai – How often to carry out it?

Dubai HVAC Inspections and maintenance of air conditioners should always be carried out by Air Conditioning Experts in Dubai with relevant qualifications and certificates. The Air Conditioning service company should be invited at least once a year.

The number of inspections per year depends on how many months the Air-con system is actually used. If the system is operated mainly in the summer period, then it is enough to clean it before and after the summer season, given that the Air Conditioning System is being cleaned, preserved and will wait for the new season. It is recommended to check the system (heating, ventilation, dehumidification modes) every 6 months. During viewing, not only cleans the air-conditioning system, but also checks the tightness of the installation, saves individual elements, All Done Ac Maintenance Dubai find possible malfunctions or leaks that can be immediately corrected. It is worth taking this opportunity to put on a professional air-conditioner service in Dubai. Air-conditioning Specialists are able to verify the correctness of all cooling parameters and prevent sudden Ac system failures. They will also check the pressure in the cooling circuits, the condition of the oil, the fan speed, tightness and permeability of the system. Regular inspection of the technical condition of the Air Conditioning System will give us a sense of security, and a graphic long life.

Complex cleaning of the air conditioner includes, in particular, disinfection of the evaporator by washing with fungicides and bactericidal preparations. The selection of other cleaning methods depends on the type of individual devices and installation channels. Mainly used in two ways – dry and wet. The first is a mechanical cleaning with a brush or a jet of compressed air, the second is with the help of chemicals and hot steam. Thanks to them, harmful bacteria and fungi spores are removed. 

A clean air conditioner is a guarantee for the correct operation of the entire system and affects our safety. Proper operation of the installed air conditioner is the basis of their maximum and long-term uninterrupted operation.

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Air Conditioner Cleaning

Air Conditioner Cleaning Dubai

Air Conditioner Cleaning Dubai, best prices for servicing split systems

To clean and cool the air, air conditioners have a powerful filtration system. If it becomes clogged, the functionality and performance of the device decreases, and energy consumption increases. As a result, this will lead to rapid deterioration of the air conditioner and its failure. The internal and external Ac unit needs cleaning.

Terms of Cleaning the Air Conditioner

Air conditioner cooling coil also needs regular cleaning. It looks like a radiator. The cooling coil for different models is located either under the lid that opens or under the filters. The latter option is inherent in models with a double air purification system.

To clean it, we act according to this scheme:

  • open and remove the front grille.
  • With a brush with a long pile or a vacuum cleaner we clean the radiator fins.

All Done Ac Maintenance Dubai do this slowly and carefully, so as not to damage the unit and not get hurt.

If the cooling coil is very dusty, steam cleaning will be needed. It is performed only by qualified specialists with its special equipment.

Cleaning the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner can be done with a special spray. It has a disinfecting and disinfecting effect. Use it by spraying onto the cooling coil until the product begins to drip onto the floor. Leave the liquid for 2-3 minutes, and then repeat the procedure. After that, you need to remove the remains of the spray from the tubes and housing. Remember, you can not wipe the cooling coil. Otherwise, you can mash the slats, ruin the gasket. Excess funds must flow naturally.

Instructions for Cleaning the Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit

The external block of the conditioner, as a rule, is polluted not less, than internal. Therefore, it also needs regular maintenance. Cleaning should be carried out a couple of times a year, even if the device is used intensively.

A vacuum cleaner is also used for cleaning. Note that it should be powerful enough. Only in this way will he be able to pull out all the dust from the heat exchange radiators and external filters.

If the outdoor unit air conditioner is located high above the ground, it is enough to unscrew the grille that protects the inside of the device. Next, we process the internal Ac Spare Parts with a vacuum cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth. If this cannot be done, it is better to hire Air Conditioning specialists in Dubai who remove the Air Conditioner and carry out its thorough deep cleaning.

Automatic Air Conditioning Cleaning

Most of the latest modern air conditioners and split systems have advanced functionality that includes an automatic cleaning system. It is performed in a simple way: air flows idling through the system. This is achieved by drying the cooling coil and various internal parts of the device.

Some new models of air conditioners in Dubai use ion air purification system. A special device helps to bind nitrogen and oxygen ions with dust particles, they are thus charged and “caught” by a dust collector. Some other models use ionized mist in their work, as well as air mass ionization systems and multi-stage filtration.

If the air conditioner has a built-in touch sensor, the device can independently take into account the composition of the air and start a self-cleaning system at the right time.

Maintenance of air conditioners in Dubai is of the latest generation is greatly simplified. However, it should be remembered that no device can reach the filters and wash them with soap and water! Therefore, even innovative systems need manual cleaning.

Why use a Steam Generator when Cleaning the Air Conditioner

At pollution of the Air conditioner its cooling decreases, and in the room there is an unpleasant smell. Ordinary water can not wash away the dirt, and the benefits of the use of chemical cleaners under a big question. Due to the properties of the steam generator, many impurities are safely removed, which is why it has gained popularity and is widely used for cleaning air conditioners in Dubai.

Advantages of the method

The Air conditioner is widely used both in premises, and at offices. For almost half a year it will save from heat in the summer period and heats the room with the onset of the first cold weather before the start of the heating season. In such a period of operation provides for regular cleaning equipment from clogging. The Air Conditioning unit has sophisticated technology and, if there is no air conditioning maintenance, the air-conditioner can fail.

During operation, dust gets into the air conditioner, which reduces its performance. Even in expensive models of world-class split-systems, an unpleasant smell may appear during operation due to the mechanism contamination. A steam cleaner can solve this problem, moreover, such a device will allow you to carefully and effectively remove dirt from other surfaces in the room.

Due to the effect of high temperature under high pressure in Dubai, Air Conditioning system with a steam generation mechanism also disinfects.

Cleaning the air conditioning system in Dubai can be carried out by chemical means, but not all working units are available for this. Moreover, the ingress of water into the mechanism can lead to damage to the device. The smell of detergent remaining in the air remains in the air for a long time, which can cause discomfort or an allergic reaction. After such cleaning the air conditioner, it will generate the smell of the applied chemistry for a long time while supplying cold air.

Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning Technology

The filter system in air conditioners and split systems is the most vulnerable part of technology. The filter is similar to a small mesh, which is located under the front indoor panel of the air conditioner. Through it, air enters the device. The grid catches the smallest motes and protects both the exhaust air into the room and various parts of the air conditioner, such as a radiator, from pollution.

Flush device filters as often as possible. It is recommended to do this every 14-20 days. If your air conditioner works in the industrial zone, then it is worth cleaning even more often.

Before you clean the air conditioner, remember that it should be done delicately. Under no circumstances should you rudely rub filters or use household detergents. First, if the air conditioner fails due to improper cleaning, it will not be repaired under warranty. Secondly, household chemicals will pollute the air that the device releases into the room.

To clean the filters, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the top cover of the air conditioner. From there we get the upper filters.
  2. Soak the filters for 5-10 minutes in a warm soapy solution. During this time, dust and grease should move away from the mesh.
  3. We clean the rotary fan, which looks like a roller. It disperses the flow of cooled air from the device into the room. After a while, dust and grease accumulate on the blades. Apply to the blades of a solution of household soap.
  4. We cover the floor with cling film and turn on the conditioner 5-10 minutes after applying the soap on the blade. The device begins to be cleaned of its own pollution.
  5. In this mode, the air conditioner should run for a few minutes. After which we complete the cleaning of the blades with a brush until dirt remains on them.
  6. Clean the vents that are on the top cover of the device.

Causes of Air Conditioning Dirt

Dirt in the outdoor and indoor units of the air conditioner provokes huge, unpurified air masses that the AC passes through its filters every day. It is they who cause unpleasant odor and noise in the process of the air-conditioning operation. The units of the air-conditioner are in regular contact with condensate, which means that the air conditioners should be cleaned regularly.

Changes that occur in the operation of the Air Conditioner tend to accumulate gradually, reaching a critical level, when the device simply ceases to cope with its functions and breaks.

There are certain factors that affect the degree of wear and dirt of the air conditioner. This is the level of air pollution, its humidity, as well as the height at which the external unit of the device is located. So, air conditioners that work at a height of 12-15 floors absorb much less dust than below, because at such a height the concentration of air pollutants is much lower.

Particularly quickly wear air conditioner filters that operate near industrial facilities. Also, the “worst enemy” of air conditioners – poplar fluff, which clogs the filters. Late cleaning of the air conditioner leads to the fact that the clogged filter becomes a comfortable habitat for various microscopic parasites, ticks, mold, fungi.

Cleaning the air conditioner in Dubai should be done immediately if you began to notice such features of its work:

  • Unpleasant aroma immediately after turning on the air conditioner;
  • Internal air conditioner leaks during operation;
  • The appearance of noise when turning on and operating the Air Conditioner.
It is necessary to perform cleaning work at least twice a year: before the start of the spring-summer season and before the winter.
For Air Conditioning Cleaning Services in Dubai, Just give us a call: 050 297 7603

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Best Ac Maintenance

Our company offers you best service maintenance of air conditioning systems in Dubai, maintenance of household air conditioners, maintenance of industrial air conditioners, which is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of leading global manufacturers. We have special permits and licenses for the installation, installation and maintenance of HVAC equipment in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

For a smooth and uninterrupted process of working air conditioners in Dubai need care. Therefore, you should not wait for the time to come and the air conditioner will fail. The best treatment is prevention. A common problem is poor ventilation of cool air, unpleasant odors and a too slow decrease in temperature.

An important step in the maintenance of air conditioners in Dubai is the periodic inspection of their components, which may be damaged. These include Copper tubes through which the refrigerant flows.

Experts “All Done Ac Maintenance LLC” provide a range of Air Conditioning services in Dubai, which includes installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioners:

  • Diagnostics of all Air Conditioning systems;
  • Problem identification: breakdowns, refrigerant leaks, etc .;
  • Testing Air Conditioner performance in a variety of operating modes and states;
  • Service maintenance of the Air conditioner;
  • AC Cleaning and refilling freon;
  • Minor troubleshooting before overhaul.

Maintenance and repair of air conditioners

As our practical experience shows, in the course of operation, individual units of an air-conditioner lose their properties under the influence of a number of adverse factors. First, the filter cells become clogged with various solid particles (dust, dirt, etc.) present in the air. Secondly, due to moisture (in the form of condensate), fungus and mold can form on the surface of the heat exchanger.

Accordingly, the time of continuous operation of equipment increases, which leads to its increased wear. In order to avoid a violation of the functionality of the devices, experts strongly recommend cleaning office air conditioners after 3-4 months of work, and apartment cleaning once a year.

Detailed information on AC maintenance Dubai and Installation of air conditioners you can get by phone. 050 297 7603.

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Tips for Saving Energy with Your Air Conditioner in Dubai

In this summer season, the hot weather in Dubai makes the use of air conditioning become almost a daily necessity, staying connected for hours at a time. Although this accounts for the problem in question, none of this happens without a price: The light bill. However with some of our tips you can save a lot from the time you buy an air conditioner in Dubai, install and even your daily use.

1. Choose Air Conditioner with the Procel Energy Saving Seal that indicates the most energy-efficient and energy-efficient models.

2. Newer models have programming features that help you save energy and turn off when needed, such as timer and sleep .

3. Each space needs an appliance with optimum power, sometimes more than one air conditioner is needed, so always calculate the BTU required for the environment.

4. Inverter models (check out our article on them) are much more economical for long periods of use.

5. If you choose a Split model (note the difference between the Split and Window model in our other article) , install the condenser in a location with good air circulation.

6. If you chose a Window model (note the difference between the Split and Window model in our other article), do not block the sides and bottom of the machine because it reduces its efficiency;

7. Cover the outside of the air conditioner from the direct sun, leaving the ventilation grills free;

8. Installing the appliance in high places in the room causes it to cool the environment by consuming less energy;

9. Do not use excessively low temperatures for long, 23 degrees is usually ideal for an ambient climate;

10. Keep all air vents in the room tightly closed, for better air circulation and to force down the appliance, which ends up wasting more energy;

11. Avoid solar heating in the environment by using curtains or blinds

12. Always clean the Ac filters! The accumulation of dirt makes the Air Conditioner work harder;

13. If you are going to be away from the room for a long time, turn off the power.

14. On the Split models, there is an option called sleep, ideal for the night. Because it regulates depending on the need for temperature, saving energy;

15. Avoid turning on other unnecessarily connected electronic equipment in the room where the air conditioner is switched on, because their heat causes the appliance to “work harder” to cool the room.

These were some tips for saving money and making a good purchase, installation and use of your air conditioner in Dubai.

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What is an Air-Split Split Inverter AC?

Sets the  air conditioning reverse split can reach the desired temperature quickly and without oscillations with little power surge. The inverter is responsible for handling the speed of rotation of the air-conditioning compressor, according to the need for ambient cooling. This technology so far has not been implemented in Window Air-Conditioners.

In regions where temperature variation is small, as in the north and northeast , it may be that a split inverter does not make as much difference to your pocket. Because the temperature fluctuates a little, the tendency is for the inverter to always work at maximum capacity. This technology causes the compressor to shut down completely and not causing voltage peaks. It’s like the is in the name, it reverses the frequency that controls the speed of air compression.

Since the more heat needs to be removed from the environment, the greater the speed of the compressor, an Inverter Air Conditioner consumes about 60% less energy compared to other options in the appliance. As the Air-Conditioning Inverter compressor is always working, there is no temperature fluctuation.

Because it is a new technology that is not yet present in all options of air conditioners in Dubai, the ones that have are usually more expensive. But it ends up compensating much more in your account of light at the end of the month if the use is constant.

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Why Hygiene is important for your Air Conditioner in Dubai?

Since it affects the functioning of the equipment and has more energy expenditure, and even cause health problems like migraines and mucosal irritation, the lack of maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioner in Dubai can cause a lot of problems.

Preventive Ac Maintenance Dubai and professional cleaning reduce the emission of pollutants in the environment, saving the energy consumption of the Air Conditioner, boosting its useful life and in the end, between risks and benefits, you will realize that it pays much to do periodic hygiene. Ever wondered, looking on the business side, any client or employee develop a respiratory problem caused by a dirty air conditioner in Dubai? Or even in your home, you or another person who lives with you suffer from rhinitis and / or constant irritations for the same reason? The lack of cleaning of the device can generate or even aggravate pre-existing diseases such as conjunctivitis, respiratory problems and a number of other allergic reactions.

Not just health problems, which eventually weigh in your pocket anyway when treating a disease, but dirty air-conditioning can bring short-term financial damage as well. An Air Conditioner that has no maintenance and remains impure ends up using more energy to cool the room to try to compensate for the conditions that hamper its performance.

So maintenance of your air conditioner in Dubai, be it preventive or corrective, will probably always save you money and protect your well-being, in case you have a company with several Ac’s, you need a Maintenance Plan, Operation and Searcon Control (PMOC), where our focus is exactly this. Ensure your comfort, safety and saves you from unnecessary expenses.

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How did the first Air Conditioner come about?

Many people do not know, but the first Air Conditioner was not created in order to air the environment for people. Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioner to solve a problem of his graphic industry. In the summer the work of the industry was harmed because the paper absorbed the humidity of the air and it dilated. In addition, the colors did not settle because of the humidity. Then in 1902 he created the first refrigerated air system to solve this problem.

Carrier deduced that he could extract the moisture from the plant by cooling the air by artificially cooled pipes. This mechanism, which controlled humidity and temperature, was the first example of continuous air conditioner by mechanical process. Thus, the textile industry, which also had great need for environmental control, was the first major market for air conditioning.

Willis Haviland Carrier was born on a farm on November 26, 1876, in the region of Angola. The invention, which controlled air temperature and humidity, became public at St. Louis Worldsfair in 1904 in Missouri. In the following years, Carrier worked on project improvement and product testing. On January 2, 1906, he obtained his patent and called the invention “Apparatus for Treating Air” (Apparatus for Treating Air), which retains many characteristics of the device we know and love today.

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