Amvent Air Conditioner Error Codes

Amvent Air Conditioner Error Codes

Amvent Ac Maintenance Dubai

Amvent Mini Split AC; In case of error, the display on the indoor unit shown the following error codes:

E1-flashes once -The fault of indoor temperature senser

E2-flashes twice-The fault of indoor pipe temperature senser

E6-flashes 6 times-Malfunction of indoor fan motor


Malfunction: The Air Conditioner does not operate

Possible Causes:

  • Ac Power failure/plug pulled out
  • Ac Damaged indoor/outdoor unit Ac fan motor
  • Faulty compressor thermomagnetic circuit breaker
  • Faulty protective device or fuses.
  • Loose connections or plug pulled out
  • It sometimes stops operating to protect the appliance.
  • Voltage higher or lower than the voltage range
  • Active TIMER-ON function
  • Damaged electronic control board (PCB)

Malfunction: Strange odour

Possible Causes: Dirty Ac air filter

Malfunction: Noise of running water

Possible Causes: Back flow of liquid in the refrigerant circulation

Malfunction: A fine mist comes from the air outlet

Possible Causes: This occurs when the air in the room becomes very cold, for example in the COOLING or DEHUMIDIFYING/DRY modes

Malfunction: A strange noise can be heard

Possible Causes: This noise is made by the expansion or contraction of the front panel due to variations in temperature and does not indicate a problem.

Malfunction: Insufficient airflow, either hot or cold

Possible Causes:

  • Unsuitable temperature setting.
  • Obstructed air conditioner intakes and outlets.
  • Dirty air filter.
  • Fan speed set at minimum.
  • Other sources of heat in the room.
  • No refrigerant.

Malfunction: The appliance does not respond to commands

Possible Causes:

  • Remote control is not near enough to indoor unit.
  • The batteries of remote control nearly has no power.
  • Obstacles between remote control and signal receiver in indoor unit.

Malfunction: The display is off

Possible Causes:

  • Active LIGHT function
  • Power failure

Malfunction: Switch off the air condi- tioner immediately and cut off the power supply in the event of

Possible Causes:

  • Strange noises during operation.
  • Faulty electronic control board
  • Faulty fuses or switches.
  • Spraying water or objects inside the appliance.
  • Overheated cables or plugs.
  • Very strong smells coming from the appliance.

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