Ac Maintenance Service

Ac Maintenance Service

AC Maintenance Service Dubai:

What is the maintenance of air conditioning:

  • To extend service life
      • The lack of refrigerant gas and dirty heat exchangers greatly reduce the life of the compressor – the main element of the system
  • Air conditioning works at full capacity
      • In Middle East regions, like Dubai UAE, air conditioner heat exchangers are quickly polluted, which is why air conditioning blows with cold air.
      • The lack of refrigerant reduces the power of the system, because of what it will not cope with the cooling of the laid area of ​​the room
  • Reduce energy overruns
      • Air conditioning with a lack of refrigerant gas and dirty heat exchangers consumes more electricity than normal air conditioning
  • Damage Warnings
      • If you notice in time deviations in the operation of the equipment, you can save parts from failure 
      • For example expensive compressor when overheating
  • Smooth operation
      • Breakdowns occur at the most inopportune moment, it is better to eliminate them during preventive ac maintenance than in the heat, and wait for the arrival of the Ac Maintenance Companies

The durability of the air conditioner depends on :

  • conditions in which the air conditioner works
  • Installation quality
  • air conditioner manufacturer
  • Ac service

After-sales service minimizes the negative consequences of poor installation quality and poor environmental conditions.

How often do I need Ac Maintenance Service in Dubai?

This is influenced by the following factors:

  • clean air
  • how often do you use air conditioning
  • required degree of reliability ( cooling room or expensive equipment ) 

It all depends on how often the air conditioner is used and in what conditions.

But even if the air conditioner is clean in appearance and properly cools the room, this does not mean that everything is fine with it.

Only when diagnosing and measuring parameters, it is possible to determine deviations in its work and eliminate them prematurely, not allowing breakdowns.

What is included in the maintenance of air conditioning in Dubai?

Outdoor unit:

  • high pressure washing (Karcher)
  • check of working pressure and, if necessary, Refueling Refrigerant Gas
  • compressor current check
  • compressor insulation resistance check
  • wire pulling on the terminal block
  • detection and elimination of extraneous noise and vibrations
  • four-way valve check
  • checking the condition of the filters in the refrigerant circuit (if any)

Indoor unit:

  • heat exchanger (evaporator) cleaning
  • flushing the drainage system
  • fan cleaning
  • wire pulling on the terminal block

In the entire system:

  • freon/refrigerant gas leak detection
  • voltage measurement
  • tests on all operating modes
  • control panel check

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