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Ac cleaning Dubai

Cleaning the air conditioner indoor unit:

  • Filter Wash
  • Evaporator treatment (internal heat exchanger)
  • Cleaning the fan impeller
  • Ac Drainage cleaning
      • drain pan
      • drain hose
      • drainage pump

Cleaning the external unit of the Air Conditioning system:

  • dry clean
  • high pressure water wash (karcher)
  • car wash

The cost affects:

  • Number of air conditioners (discount from 2 air conditioners)
  • Availability of air conditioning
  • (dismantling the ceiling, the release of the passage to the air conditioner)
  • Climber or aerial platform services
  • Night work

Ac Filter Wash

Dust coarse filters (grids, as many call them) are washed under running cool running water, drying is not required, moisture does not interfere with the operation of the air conditioner. The need for washing the filters can be determined by the presence of a layer of dust on them.

Ac Evaporator treatment

The evaporator is a coil of copper tubes with fins of thin aluminum plates – as in a car radiator, only the plates are thinner and more often located.

Evaporator processing types:

  • mechanical
  • chemical
  • antibacterial
  • high pressure washing

For mechanical Ac cleaning a special brush is used, which does not crush the ribs. It is used for heavy pollution.

Chemical treatment removes inorganic and organic contaminants from the evaporator – fats, soot layer, tobacco smoke particles, fine dust that accumulates passing through dust filters.

Sometimes, due to a layer of such dust, the air is completely not cooled when passing through the indoor unit. 

In case of contamination that cannot be removed by chemical means, the indoor unit is washed with a high-pressure washer – with a Karcher, with its dismantling and subsequent installation.

Antibacterial treatment of Ac will prevent the formation of fungi, mold and destroy the existing accumulations of bacteria in the air conditioner. Also, this measure will eliminate odors from the air conditioner.

For this purpose, special means are used, which are produced in aerosol cans, ready for use, or in the form of concentrates, which must first be diluted with water.

“Master of Cold” uses such tools for processing evaporators:

  • Easyclean
  • Easycare
  • Domestic means “Nanopirit”
  • Tophouse
  • Hydrocoil

All these tools have been tested and approved by manufacturers of air conditioners and condensate pumps.

Cleaning the fan impeller

With a small amount of contamination in Ac System, it can be cleaned with a brush, followed by chemical treatment.

If the contamination of the impeller is large, then it will have to be removed and washed.

Drainage cleaning

Gravity drain system

With this type of drainage, pollution often accumulates at bends or tapered areas. Effectively cleaned can be mechanically – purging with compressed gas. after that, it is necessary to spill the drain hose with water, preferably with the addition of chemical agents, as this will prevent the formation of mold and mildew, which also cause clogging of the drain hole and the hose.

Pump drainage system

Cleaning of this type of drainage system differs only in that it additionally has a float signal bath. It is necessary to monitor its purity most closely and regularly, since in the presence of dirt false alarms occur in it, which leads to the operation of the pump “dry” – this is the most common cause of the drain pump failure. The cost of replacing the pump is quite high, so we recommend regular cleaning of pump systems.

Ac indoor unit Cleaning

Dust filters (coarse filters) 

Dust filters are cleaned with cold running water, this procedure is available to any air conditioner user.

The frequency of washing the filters – in fact, on the frequency of use and the degree of air pollution. Learn what you need to clean the filter by opening the air conditioner panel – if the filters has accumulated a layer of dust, they should be washed under running water, if the contamination is not removed, it is recommended to use neutral cleaners.

Ac outdoor unit Cleaning

How necessary is this procedure?

Many people think that after the removal of dry brush “carpet” of poplar fluff and dust outdoor unit is completely pure and it is possible to finish the cleaning.

In fact, as it does not sound paradoxical, this “carpet” often does not interfere with the normal condensation of freon, only slightly delaying the passage of air through the edges of the condenser.

Particularly worsen the heat exchange particles of exhaust gases, grease and dust deposited on the inner surface of the ribs. Experts are well aware that when washing with high pressure water a clean-looking condenser, which even “shines through”, very dirty water flows out of it and, moreover, for a long time.

If your air conditioner is in the area of ​​exhaust emissions, increased dust formation and other air pollutants, it should be regularly washed with a high-pressure washer.

How to wash the Air conditioner in Dubai?

A condenser is needed for washing – a heat exchanger consisting of copper tubes with aluminum fins.

In order not to bend the edges of the water stream is required to direct strictly parallel to the ribs. To do this, direct the stream to the rear (or front) of the condenser and wash the entire surface evenly.

If the location allows, then this can be done with a simple straight nozzle, available in any wash set. But in most cases, this requires a corner nozzle, allowing to penetrate into the space between the wall and the outdoor unit.

Disassembling the case or washing the air conditioners on the fan side is not correct, it does not make sense. 

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