What is an Air-Split Split Inverter AC?

Sets the  air conditioning reverse split can reach the desired temperature quickly and without oscillations with little power surge. The inverter is responsible for handling the speed of rotation of the air-conditioning compressor, according to the need for ambient cooling. This technology so far has not been implemented in Window Air-Conditioners. In regions where temperature variation is small, as […]

Why Hygiene is important for your Air Conditioner in Dubai?

Since it affects the functioning of the equipment and has more energy expenditure, and even cause health problems like migraines and mucosal irritation, the lack of maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioner in Dubai can cause a lot of problems. Preventive Ac Maintenance Dubai and professional cleaning reduce the emission of pollutants in the […]

How did the first Air Conditioner come about?

Many people do not know, but the first Air Conditioner was not created in order to air the environment for people. Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioner to solve a problem of his graphic industry. In the summer the work of the industry was harmed because the paper absorbed the humidity of the air and it dilated. In […]

Split Ac or Window Ac: What is the best type of Air Conditioner in Dubai ?

Ac Maintenance Company Dubai At the time of purchase, it is important to consider factors other than the price and size of an air conditioner in Dubai, such as which model is most appropriate and has capacity for the room in which it will be installed. You can choose between window or split models . But what will be […]