HVAC Circuit Board Repair

HVAC Circuit Board Repair for air conditioners

All Done Ac Maintenance Co. LLC specialists repair control boards of any brand of air conditioners from Daikin and Mitsubishi, to Chinese air conditioners of unknown brands, repair air conditioner PCB boards in Dubai.

Boards are repaired regardless of the design – wall Ac, duct Ac, cassette Ac, sub ceiling Ac, column types Air Conditioners.

PCB Repair at the customer’s Location

After receiving the inquiry/complaint, the Ac service team arrives at the call, diagnoses the malfunction and repairs the control board immediately on the spot.

Each Ac Maintenance Van has the necessary supply of basic radio elements and, in case it is possible, repairs the board on the spot.

The cost of the work will include: departure service crew and diagnostics, repair of the air conditioner board itself, removal and installation of the board with disassembly and assembly of the air conditioner.

Repair in the Ac service center

If on-site it was not possible to repair the PCB board, the repair team removes it and delivers it to the service center where the radio-electronics specialists restore its working capacity.

Specialists of the Ac service center in Dubai will identify the malfunction and repair the Ac PCB board in case of failure of the microchips, relays, and other radio components. In case there are no original parts, they will select a fully functional analog of reliable manufacturers.

It is also possible to  independently  bring a fee to our service center.

To do this, you must send an email to our email in which will be:

  • Photo of the nameplate of the air conditioner itself, where the model is clearly visible
  • A photograph of the board and places of damage in good quality
  • Scan (photo) of the diagnostic act
  • Describe the symptoms of faults and air conditioning errors (if any)

The term of repair of control boards (PCB) of air conditioners depends on the availability of parts and can vary from 30 minutes to a week, each case is negotiated with the client individually.

Remote transformer

Sometimes the transformer is located not on the board itself, but next to it, in the case of the air conditioner, in which case it must also be brought, since the cause of the malfunction may lie in it.

If the air conditioner has a control board (PCB) in an external unit, then the air conditioner needs to be diagnosed on site, since from experience about 50% of the diagnostic results are false and the board is not faulty, but other elements – sensors, valves, compressor.


If you are not an expert and do not understand what is going on, then you must call and consult. Get ready to provide photos and tell the story of the breakdown.

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