Preparing Air Conditioner for hot weather in dubai

Work on the prevention of split Ac systems:

  • Cleaning the indoor unit: filters, housing, heat exchanger, fan
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit
  • Check leak detector refrigerant gas
  • Checking the pressure in the system and refilling the refrigerant (refrigerant gas)
  • Rolling compound pulling
  • Clearing the drainage system: drain pan, drain hose, pump
  • Wire pulling in terminal block
  • Checking the operating current of the compressor
  • Noise elimination
  • Check the control panel
  • Checking the air conditioner in all modes of operation

How often should prophylaxis be carried out?

It depends on such factors:

  • how often is air conditioning used
  • how clean is the air outside
  • whether quality air conditioning is installed
  • uptime criticality

It is clear that if the air conditioner is used around the clock and constantly, then it becomes dirty much faster than its counterpart, which is included only when necessary.

The more dust and dirt on the street and in the room, the more often it is necessary to wash the filters of the indoor unit (this is quite up to the owner of the air conditioner) and clean the heat exchangers of the indoor and outdoor units. This is especially noticeable in the season of “poplar fluff” – the outdoor unit can be covered with a dense “fur coat” in just a few days.

The better the consumables and tools, and the more professional the installation of the air conditioner, the less refrigerant gas will be leaked and the less ac gas refueling will be needed.

If the air conditioner does not work for several days in the apartment or in the office, it’s unpleasant, but not critical, but if the air conditioner of the server’s cooling system breaks down, expensive equipment may fail, a break in the work of the whole department, loss of important data. It will already be quite critical and it is necessary to monitor the condition of air conditioners regularly in order to prevent split-system failure in time. 

Preparing for the winter season – conservation

Domestic split systems do not require mandatory preservation for the winter.

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HVAC Circuit Board Repair

HVAC Circuit Board Repair for air conditioners

All Done Ac Maintenance Co. LLC specialists repair control boards of any brand of air conditioners from Daikin and Mitsubishi, to Chinese air conditioners of unknown brands, repair air conditioner PCB boards in Dubai.

Boards are repaired regardless of the design – wall Ac, duct Ac, cassette Ac, sub ceiling Ac, column types Air Conditioners.

PCB Repair at the customer’s Location

After receiving the inquiry/complaint, the Ac service team arrives at the call, diagnoses the malfunction and repairs the control board immediately on the spot.

Each Ac Maintenance Van has the necessary supply of basic radio elements and, in case it is possible, repairs the board on the spot.

The cost of the work will include: departure service crew and diagnostics, repair of the air conditioner board itself, removal and installation of the board with disassembly and assembly of the air conditioner.

Repair in the Ac service center

If on-site it was not possible to repair the PCB board, the repair team removes it and delivers it to the service center where the radio-electronics specialists restore its working capacity.

Specialists of the Ac service center in Dubai will identify the malfunction and repair the Ac PCB board in case of failure of the microchips, relays, and other radio components. In case there are no original parts, they will select a fully functional analog of reliable manufacturers.

It is also possible to  independently  bring a fee to our service center.

To do this, you must send an email to our email in which will be:

  • Photo of the nameplate of the air conditioner itself, where the model is clearly visible
  • A photograph of the board and places of damage in good quality
  • Scan (photo) of the diagnostic act
  • Describe the symptoms of faults and air conditioning errors (if any)

The term of repair of control boards (PCB) of air conditioners depends on the availability of parts and can vary from 30 minutes to a week, each case is negotiated with the client individually.

Remote transformer

Sometimes the transformer is located not on the board itself, but next to it, in the case of the air conditioner, in which case it must also be brought, since the cause of the malfunction may lie in it.

If the air conditioner has a control board (PCB) in an external unit, then the air conditioner needs to be diagnosed on site, since from experience about 50% of the diagnostic results are false and the board is not faulty, but other elements – sensors, valves, compressor.


If you are not an expert and do not understand what is going on, then you must call and consult. Get ready to provide photos and tell the story of the breakdown.

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Airwell Water Source Heat Pump Error Codes

Airwell Water Source Heat Pump Error Codes

Meanings of Error Code for Line Controller

  • Wind return sensor error 1 1 Antifreeze indoor coil of system 1 16 Refer to unit type
  • Indoor coil sensor error of system 1 2 Antifreeze indoor coil of system 2 17 Refer to unit type
  • Water outlet sensor error of system 1 3 Low temperature heating prohibited 18 Refer to unit type
  • Refrigerant leakage of system 1 4 Water flow switch error 19 Refer to unit type
  • Compressor overload of system 1 5 Condensate drainage error 20 Refer to unit type
  • Low pressure switch protection of system 1
  • 6 Outdoor coil sensor error 21 Refer to unit type
  • High pressure switch protection of system 1 7 Reserved 22
  • High/Low water temperature protection 8 Reserved 23
  • Indoor coil sensor error of system 2 9 Reserved 24
  • Water outlet sensor error of system 2 10 Low voltage 25 Refer to unit type
  • Refrigerant leakage of system 2 11 High voltage 26 Refer to unit type
  • Compressor overload of system 2 12 R phase loss 27 Refer to unit type
  • Low pressure switch protection of system 2 13 S phase loss 28 Refer to unit type
  • High pressure switch protection of system 2 14 T phase loss 29 Refer to unit type
  • Communication error 15 Phase error 30 Refer to unit type.

Airwell Maintenance and Servicing Dubai

  1. Normal maintenance of the appliances is generally limited to replacing filters.
  2. The filters must be changed at regular intervals. The frequency is dependent on the specific application conditions. Certain installations, for example in hotels where there large amounts of fluff due to the frequent bedding changes and the presence of fitted carpets, require more frequent filter changes. It is recommended that the filters are checked every 60 days during the first year of operation in order to determine the frequency required. If it is not possible to see light through the filter when it is held up to the sun or in front of a strong light, the filter must be replaced. A more rigorous standard of cleanliness may be required.
  3. The condensates tray must be checked annually and cleaned and rinsed if necessary.
  4. On commissioning, a record of voltages, current draw and temperature variances should be made. Thereafter, on an annual basis further measurements can be compared to these initial values and will be useful for giving an overall indication for the equipment’s general condition.
  5. The activation of the unit’s safety protection devices is usually caused by air or water problems. These forced stoppages are a normal protection measure. Ensure that there is no dirt or debris in the air or water circuits. Check the water and air temperatures and flows (clogged filters).

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Airwell Air Conditioner Error Codes and troubleshooting

Airwell Ac Maintenance Dubai

Airwell air troubleshooting

If your Airwell air conditioner in Dubai shows any strange symptoms, is not cooling, or is not working at all, the table below will be of great help. Find the symptom in the first column, analyze the possible causes and try the suggested solutions. It is very likely that there’s just a minor issue, and so appliance troubleshooting will not take much time and effort.

Airwell IU-MINV-HW-9H air conditioner troubleshooting

Air conditioners Airwell IU-MINV-HW-9H represent split systems in Dubai. These systems use the new refrigerant R410A. The air conditioners of this type are fit with cooling, heating and drying functions, which can be detailed as follows: microprocessor controlled operation, one-touch remote control, timers, economy mode, automatic and 3-step fan speed, air sweep control, high power cooling, smell reduction mode, air clean filter and some other options.

Trouble Possible Cause Remedy
Air conditioner does not run at all. 1. Power failure. 1. Restore power.
2. Leakage circuit breaker tripped. 2. Contact service center.
3. Line voltage is too low. 3. Consult your electrician or dealer.
4. Operation button is OFF. 4. Press the button again.
5. Batteries in remote control unit have run down. 5. Replace batteries.
OPERATION lamp blinks and air conditioner does not operate. Trouble in wiring system. Contact service center.
Compressor runs but soon stops. Obstruction in front of condenser coil. Remove obstruction.
Poor cooling (or heating) performance. 1. Dirty or clogged air filter. 1. Clean air filter to improve airflow.
2. Heat source or many people in room. 2. Eliminate heat source if possible.
3. Doors and/or windows are open. 3. Shut them to keep the heat (or cold) out.
4. Obstacle near air intake or air discharge port. 4. Remove it to ensure good airflow.
5. Thermostat is set too high for cooling (or too low for heating). 5. Set the temperature lower (or higher).
6. (Outdoor temperature is too low for heating.) 6. (Consult your dealer or try to use a back-up heater.)
Clicking sound is heard from the air conditioner. In heating or cooling operation, any plastic parts may expand or shrink due to a sudden temperature change. In this event, a clicking sound may occur. This is normal, and the sound will soon disappear.
OPERATION lamp lights but outdoor unit will not run. 1. The use of cellular phones near the air conditioner may cause disturbance to its normal operation. 1. Turn off the power then restart the air conditioner after 1 minute.
2. Consult your dealer.

Airwell PNX009 air conditioner troubleshooting

Air conditioners Airwell PNX009 are multi split systems, which use R410A as refrigerant. These are full line multi-tubing systems with three or four connected indoor units. They represent a high-level technology product, which is intended for residential and commercial use providing comfort, energy saving and low noise operation.

1. Indoor unit power supply indicator (Red LED) does not light up. No power supply Check power supply. If OK, check display and display wiring, if OK, replace controller
2. Indoor unit does not respond to remote control message Remote control message not reached the indoor unit Check remote control batteries, if OK, check display and display wiring, if OK, replace display PCB. If still not OK replace controller
3. Indoor unit responds to remote control message but Operate indicator (Green LED) does not light up Problem with display PCB Replace display PCB.
If still not OK replace controller
4. Indoor fan does not start (louvers are opened and Green LED is ON) Unit in heat mode and coil is still not warm Change to cool mode
Outdoor unit is in opposite mode Change operation mode
Problem with controller or capacitor Change to high speed and Check power supply to motor is higher than 130VAC (for triack controlled motor) or higher than 220VAC for fixed speed motors, if OK replace capacitor, if not OK replace controller
5. Indoor fan works when unit is OFF, and indoor fan speed is not changed by remote control command. Controller problem Replace controller
6. Water leakage from indoor unit Indoor unit drainage tube is blocked Check and open drainage tube
7. One indoor unit or more are operating in cool mode with no capacity, and the other units have water leaks/freezing problems The communication wires of the indoor units are switched Check and correct the communication wires connection
8. One indoor or more are operating in heat mode with a limited capacity, and the coil on the other units are very hot.
9. Outdoor unit display board and leds are off No power supply Check the connections and the wiring on the main terminal – Repair if needed.
Check PFC choke connection – Repair if needed
PFC Chock coil Check the PFC Chock coil
Burnt fuse Check 25Afuse on the Filter
EEV problem Check EEV
10. Compressor operates but one or more units generates no capacity Refrigerant leakage Check refrigeration system
Indoor coil block Clean filters and/or remove block
Outdoor coil block Remove block and/or avoid air by-pass
EEV problem Check EEV
11. Compressor is over heated and unit does not generate capacity Refrigerant leakage Check refrigeration system
Indoor coil block Clean filters and/or remove block
Outdoor coil block Remove block and/or avoid air by-pass
12. Compressor stops during operation Electronic control Check diagnostics
Refrigerant leakage Check refrigeration system
13. Not all units are operating Communication problems Check diagnostic
14. Compressor does not start Electronics control problem or protection
15. Unit works in wrong mode (cool instead of heat or heat instead of cool) Electronics or RV problem Check RV
16. All components are operating properly but no cooling or no heating Refrigerant leak Check refrigeration system
17. Compressor motor is generating noise and no suction occurs Phase order to compressor is wrong Check compressor phase order
18. Freezing of outdoor unit in heat mode and outdoor unit base is blocked with ice Connect base heater
19. The unit stop suddenly during operation EMC interference to the A/C unit Check for EMC problems
20. Indoor unit(s) Indicator(s) leds may flicker
21. Other home appliances operation is faulty such as noise appears in the television picture, or the picture is distorted or static occurs in the radio sound EMC interference by the A/C unit Check for EMC problems
22. All others Specific problems of indoor or outdoor units Check diagnostics

Airwell WNG9 AC troubleshooting

Air conditioners Airwell WNG9 belong to DUO N series. Such DUO multi split outdoor unit series comprise ST (cooling only) and RC (heat pump) models. They use R410A refrigerant. All such models have built-in deicing controller, outdoor coil with hydrophilic louver fins, metal sheets protected by anti- corrosion paint work for long life resistance, compressor located in the sound-insulating box.

The power supply indicator (red led) doesn’t light up. There is no correct voltage between the line and neutral terminals on main P.C.B. -If the voltage is low repair power supply.
-If there is no voltage repair general wiring.
-If there is correct \outage replace main or display P.C.B’S
The operating indicator (green led) does not light up. The remote control batteries are discharged -Replace batteries of the remote control
The operating indicator (green led) does not light up when starting from unit.. Check main P.C.B and display P.C.B. -Replace P.C.B if necessary.
The indoor fan does not function correctly. Check the voltage between indoor fan terminals on the main P.C.B If there is voltage replace capacitor or motor.
The outdoor fan does not function correctly. Check the voltage between indoor fan terminals on the main P.C.B. If there is no voltage replace main P.C.B
There is voltage between outdoor fan terminals on the outdoor unit Replace capacitor or motor.
There is no voltage between outdoor fan terminals on the outdoor unit Check and repair electrical wiring between indoor and outdoor units.
The compressor does not start up. Check voltage on compressor terminals on the outdoor in it. (with ammeter) -If no voltage replace main P.C.B.
Check if there is correct voltage between compressor terminals on the outdoor in it. -If low voltage repair power supply.
-If the voltage correct replace capacitor or compressor.
-If there is no voltage repair electrical wiring between indoor and outdoor units.
The refrigeration system does not function correctly. Check for leaks or restrictions, with amp meter, pressure gauge or surface thermometer. Repair refrigeration system and charge refrigerant if necessary.
No cooing or heating only indoor fan works. Outdoor fan motor faulty or other fault caused, compressor overload protection cut out. -Replace P.C.B.
Outdoor fan blocked remove obstructions.
Only indoor fan and compressor working. Outdoor fan blocked. Remove obstructions.
Only indoor fan working. -Run capacitor of outdoor fan motor faulty. Replace capacitor.
-Winding of outdoor fan are shorted. -Replace motor.
No cooling or heating takes place, indoor and outdoor fans working. Overload safety device on compressor is cut out (low voltage or high temperature) Check for proper voltage, switch off power and try again after one hour.
Compressor run capacitor faulty. Replace compressor capacitor.
Compressor Endings are shorted. Replace compressor.
No air supply at indoor unit, compressor operates. Indoor fan motor is blocked or turns slowly, -indoor fan run capacitor faulty. Check voltage, repair wring if necessary.
motor Endings are shorted. -Check fan wheel if it is tight enough on motor shaft if necessary.
-Replace indoor fan motor.
Partial, limited air supply at indoor indoor unit. Lack of refrigerant (will accompanied by whistling noise) cause ice formation on indoor unit oil in cooling mode. -Charge the unit after localizing leak.
Water accumulates and overflow from indoor unit section. Oari tube or spout of chain pan clogged. -Disassemble plastic drain tube from spout of indoor unit drain pan.
Water dripping from outdoor unit base, an heating mode) Water drain outlet is clogged. -Open outdoor unit cover clean out water outlet,clean the base inside thoroughly.
Freeze-up of outdoor oil in heating mode, poor heating effect in room, indoor fan operates. -Faulty outdoor thermistor.
-Faulty control cable.
-outdoor unit air outlet is blocked.
-Replace thermistor. -Repair control cable. -Remove obstructions.

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Actron AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Actron AC Maintenance Dubai

In the usual event that a fault occurs with the Air Conditioner and the microprocessor will diagnose the fault (where possible) and display a fault code on the wall controller. The 7 Day Controller will display a code beginning with E (Eg E2) The 24 Hr Controller will display:

Actron AC Fault Codes:

Actron air conditioner ESP Unit Error Fault Codes

0 Cooling Mode
1 Heating Mode
2 Heating compressor run time >20mins
3 Heating Defrost
4 LOW speed flashes 
every 30s
Over Heat or Anti-Freeze Protection mode (Reduced Capacity 
5 Heating mode – indoor coil pre-heat
6 E6 Fault discharge temperature
7 E7 Fault outdoor coil sensor (open or closed circuit)
8 E8 Fault outdoor discharge sensor (open or closed circuit)
9 E9 High or Low Pressure/Phase error (3 phase models only)*
E2 Fault indoor coil out sensor
E3 Fault room sensor(s) (open or closed circuit)
E4 Fault indoor coil sensor (open or closed circuit)
  E5 Communication Fault

Actron air conditioner M Series (AM24 and AM7) Controller Error Fault Codes

0 Cooling Mode
1 Heating Mode
2 Heating Mode after 20 minutes of compressor run time. Defrost Standby.
3 Heating Mode De-ice cycle
5 Heating Mode Indoor coil pre-heat after defrost
7 E7 E7 Fault: Outdoor coil sensor (open circuit)
8 E7 E7 Fault: Outdoor coil sensor (closed circuit)
9 E9 E9 Fault: High or Low pressure tripped (Note: Some models have discharge sensor, which will also give the same fault code.)
  E5 E5 Communication error between outdoor and indoor.

Actron air D Series 24 Hour (AECSN) and 7 Day (AEC7N) Controller Error Fault Codes

24 HOUR 
7 DAY 
0 Cooling Mode
1 Heating Mode
2 Heating Mode after 20 minutes of compressor run time. Defrost 
3 Heating Mode De-ice cycle
5 Heating Mode Indoor coil pre-heat after defrost
7 7 E1 Fault: Outdoor coil sensor open circuit
8 7 E1 Fault: Outdoor coil sensor closed circuit
9 heat/cool 
E2 Fault: High or Low pressure tripped (Note: Some models have 
discharge sensor, which will also
give the same fault code.)
E5 Communication error between outdoor and indoor.

– Faults may not be displayed on the wall control until the fault occurs several times.
– Phase error will be indicated by a red light on the 3-phase relay.
– Phase correction must be applied to the incoming supply side.

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Acson AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Ascon AC Maintenance Dubai

The code indication changes as shown below, and notifies with a long beep.

00: Normal

A1: Indoor Pcb Error

A3: Drain Pump Abnormal

A5: Antifreeze (Cooling)/Heat Exchanger Overheat (Heating)

A6: Indoor Fan Motor Abnormalah Electrical Air Cleaner Abnormal

C4: Indoor Heat Exchanger (1) Thermistor Short/open

C5: Indoor Heat Exchanger (2) Thermistor Short/open

C7: Louver Limit Switch Error

C9: Indoor Room Thermistor Short/open

E1: Outdoor Pcb Error

E3: High Pressure Protection

E4: Low Pressure Protection

E5: Compressor Motor Lock/Compressor Overloaded

E6: Compressor Start-up Error

E7: Outdoor Dc Fan Motor Lock

E8: Ac Input Over Current

E9: Exv Error 4 Way Valve Error

F3: Discharge Pipe Overheat

F6: Heat Exchanger Overheat

HO: Compressor Sensor System Error

H3: High Pressure Switch Error

H6: Compressor Feedback Detection Error

H7: Fan Motor Overloaded/Over current/Sensor Abnormal

H8: AC Current Sensor Error

Error Code Faulty Indication Error / Code Faulty Indication

E01: Require manual reset (possible causes)

E02: Compressor 1 high temperature (overload)

E03: Compressor 2 high temperature (overload)

E04: Compressor 3 high temperature (overload)

E05: Compressor 4 high temperature (overload)

E06: Compressor 1 high pressure trip / contact open

E07: Compressor 2 high pressure trip / contact open

E08: Compressor 3 high pressure trip / contact open

E09: Compressor 4 high pressure trip / contact open

E10: Compressor 1 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal

E11: Compressor 2 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal

E12: Compressor 3 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal

E13: Compressor 4 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal

E14: Room sensor short E32 Compressor 1 de-ice

E15: Room sensor open E33 Compressor 2 de-ice

E16: Indoor coil sensor 1 short E34 Compressor 3 de-ice

E17: Indoor coil sensor 2 short E35 Compressor 4 de-ice

E18: Indoor coil sensor 3 short

E19: Indoor coil sensor 4 short

E20: Indoor coil sensor 1 open

E21: Indoor coil sensor 2 open

E22: Indoor coil sensor 3 open

E23: Indoor coil sensor 4 open

E24: Outdoor coil sensor 1 short

E25: Outdoor coil sensor 2 short

E26: Outdoor coil sensor 3 short

E27: Outdoor coil sensor 4 short

E28: Outdoor coil sensor 1 open

E29: Outdoor coil sensor 2 open

E30: Outdoor coil sensor 3 open

E31: Outdoor coil sensor 4 open

E32: Compressor 1 de-ice

E33: Compressor 2 de-ice

E34: Compressor 3 de-ice

E35: Compressor 4 de-ice

Error Diagnosis by Wired Controller (MC301) Item Code Description

E0: System malfunction

E1: Sensor Broken (TH1 discharge Temp.)

E2: Sensor Broken (TH2 inlet coil 1#)

E3: Sensor Broken (TH3 mid coil 1#)

E4: Sensor Broken (TH4 inlet coil 2#)

E5: Sensor Broken (TH5 mid coil 2#)

E6: Sensor Broken (TH6 inlet coil 3#)

E7: Sensor Broken (TH7 mid coil 3#)

E8: Sensor Broken (TH8 ambient temp)

E9: Sensor Broken (TH9 outlet coil)

EA: Sensor Broken (TH10 subcool outlet)

EB: Sensor Broken (TH11 subcool suction)

EC: Sensor Broken (TH12 suction)

EF: Emergency Run

F0: Outdoor Storage Malfunction

F1: Sensor Broken (indoor inlet coil)

F2: Sensor Broken (indoor mid coil)

Error Diagnosis by Wired Controller (MC301) Item Code Description

F3: Sensor Broken (indoor outlet coil)

F4: Sensor Broken (indoor return air)

F5: Sensor Broken (indoor supply air

F6: Indoor and controller communication malfunction

F7: Ambient temp exceed the limit

F8: 4WV malfunction

F9: Refrigerant leakage

FA: Controller storage malfunction

FB: Water Pump (indoor water pump)

FC: Indoor and outdoor communication malfunction

FE: Master and slave communication malfunction

H0: Digital comp overload

H1: Fixed Comp1 overload

H2: Fixed Comp2 overload

H3: Fixed Comp3 overload

H4: High pressure too high

H5: Sensor broken, high pressure

H6: Discharge temp too high

L0: Super heat too low

L1: Low pressure too low

L2: Sensor broken, low pressure

10: System malfunction

11: Sensor broken (slave TH1 discharge temp)

12: Sensor broken (slave TH2 inlet coil 1#)

13: Sensor Broken (slave TH3 mid coil 1#)

14: Sensor broken (slave TH4 inlet coil 2#)

15: Sensor broken (slave TH5 mid coil 2#)

16: Sensor broken (slave TH6 inlet coil 3#)

17: Sensor broken (slave TH7 mid coil 3#)

18: Sensor broken (slave TH8 ambient temp)

19: Sensor broken (slave TH9 outlet coil)

1A: Sensor broken (slave TH10 subcool outlet)

1B: Sensor broken (slave TH11 subcool suction)

1C: Sensor Broken (slave TH12 suction)

1F: Emergency run (slave)

20: Outdoor storage (slave)

27: Ambient temp exceed the limit (slave)

28: 4WV malfunction (slave)

29: Refrigerant leakage (slave)

30: Digital comp overload (slave)

31: Fixed comp1 overload (slave)

32: Fixed comp2 overload (slave)

33: Fixed comp 3 overload (slave)

34: High pressure too high (slave)

35: Sensor broken, high pressure (slave)

36: Discharge temp too high (slave)

40: Super heat too low (slave)

41: Low pressure too low (slave)

42: Sensor broken, low pressure (slave)

A1: Indoor PCB error

A3: Drain pump fault

A5: Antifreeze (Cooling) / Heat exchanger overheat(Heating)

A6: Indoor fan motor fault

AH: Electrical air cleaner fault

C4: Indoor heat exchanger (1) thermistor short/open

C5: Indoor heat exchanger (2) thermistor short/open

C7: Louver limit switch error

C9: Indoor room thermistor short/open

E1: Outdoor PCB error

E3: High pressure protection

E4: Low pressure protection

E5: Compressor motor lock/compressor overloaded

E6: Compressor start-up error

E7: Outdoor DC fan motor lock

E8: Ac input over current

E9: EXV error

EA: 4 way valve error

F3: Discharge pipe overheat

F6: Heat exchanger overheat

HO: Compressor sensor system error

H3: High pressure switch error

H6: Compressor feedback detection error

H7: Fan motor overloaded/over current/sensor fault

H8: AC current sensor error

H9: Outdoor air thermistor short/open

J1: Pressure sensor error

J3: Compressor discharge pipe thermistor short/open/misplaced

J5: Suction pipe thermistor short/open

J6: Outdoor heat exchanger thermistor short/open

J7: Sub cooling heat exchanger thermistor short/open

J8: Liquid pipe thermistor short/open

J9: Gas pipe thermistor short/open

L1: Inverter outdoor PCB error

L3: Outdoor control box overheat

L4: Heat sink overheat

L5: IPM error/IGBT error

L8: Electrical thermal switch

L9: Stall prevention

LC: Communication error (outdoor PCB & inverter PCB)

P1: Open phase or voltage unbalance

P4: Heat sink thermistor short/open

PJ: Capacity setting error

U0: Insufficient gas

U2: DC voltage out of range

U4: Communication error

U7: Communication error (outdoor PCB & IPM PCB)

UA: Installation error

UF: Piping & wiring installation mismatch/wrong wiring/insufficient gas

UH: Anti freeze (other rooms)


If any malfunction of the air conditioner unit is noted, immediately switch off the power supply to the unit. Check the following fault conditions and causes for some simple troubleshooting tips.

Fault: The compressor does not operate 3 minutes after the air conditioner unit is started.

Causes / Action: -Protection against frequent starting. Wait for 3 to 4 minutes for the compressor to start operating.

Fault: The air conditioner unit does not operate.

Causes / Action:

– Power failure, or the fuse needs to be replaced.
– The power plug is disconnected.
– It is possible that your delay timer has been set incorrectly.
– If the fault persist after all these verifications, please contact the air conditioner unit installer.

Fault: The air flow is too low

Causes / Action:

– The air filter is dirty.
– The doors or windows are open.
– The air suction and discharge are clogged.
– The regulated temperature is not high enough

Fault: Discharge air flow has bad odour.

Causes / Action:

– Odours may be caused by cigarettes, smoke particles, perfume etc. which might have adhered onto the coil.

Fault: Condensation on the front air grille of the indoor unit.

Causes / Action:

– This is caused by air humidity after an extended long period of operation.
– The set temperature is too low, increase the temperature setting and operate the unit at high fan speed.

Fault: Water flowing out from the air conditioner unit.

Causes / Action: – Switch off unit and call dealer

Fault: Hissing air flow sound from the air conditioner unit during operation.

Causes / Action: – Refrigerant fluid flowing into the evaporator coil

If the fault persists, please call Ac Maintenance Dubai

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Air Conditioner Service

Air Conditioner Service in Dubai – How often to carry out it?

Dubai HVAC Inspections and maintenance of air conditioners should always be carried out by Air Conditioning Experts in Dubai with relevant qualifications and certificates. The Air Conditioning service company should be invited at least once a year.

The number of inspections per year depends on how many months the Air-con system is actually used. If the system is operated mainly in the summer period, then it is enough to clean it before and after the summer season, given that the Air Conditioning System is being cleaned, preserved and will wait for the new season. It is recommended to check the system (heating, ventilation, dehumidification modes) every 6 months. During viewing, not only cleans the air-conditioning system, but also checks the tightness of the installation, saves individual elements, All Done Ac Maintenance Dubai find possible malfunctions or leaks that can be immediately corrected. It is worth taking this opportunity to put on a professional air-conditioner service in Dubai. Air-conditioning Specialists are able to verify the correctness of all cooling parameters and prevent sudden Ac system failures. They will also check the pressure in the cooling circuits, the condition of the oil, the fan speed, tightness and permeability of the system. Regular inspection of the technical condition of the Air Conditioning System will give us a sense of security, and a graphic long life.

Complex cleaning of the air conditioner includes, in particular, disinfection of the evaporator by washing with fungicides and bactericidal preparations. The selection of other cleaning methods depends on the type of individual devices and installation channels. Mainly used in two ways – dry and wet. The first is a mechanical cleaning with a brush or a jet of compressed air, the second is with the help of chemicals and hot steam. Thanks to them, harmful bacteria and fungi spores are removed. 

A clean air conditioner is a guarantee for the correct operation of the entire system and affects our safety. Proper operation of the installed air conditioner is the basis of their maximum and long-term uninterrupted operation.

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Air Conditioner Cleaning

Air Conditioner Cleaning Dubai

Air Conditioner Cleaning Dubai, best prices for servicing split systems

To clean and cool the air, air conditioners have a powerful filtration system. If it becomes clogged, the functionality and performance of the device decreases, and energy consumption increases. As a result, this will lead to rapid deterioration of the air conditioner and its failure. The internal and external Ac unit needs cleaning.

Terms of Cleaning the Air Conditioner

Air conditioner cooling coil also needs regular cleaning. It looks like a radiator. The cooling coil for different models is located either under the lid that opens or under the filters. The latter option is inherent in models with a double air purification system.

To clean it, we act according to this scheme:

  • open and remove the front grille.
  • With a brush with a long pile or a vacuum cleaner we clean the radiator fins.

All Done Ac Maintenance Dubai do this slowly and carefully, so as not to damage the unit and not get hurt.

If the cooling coil is very dusty, steam cleaning will be needed. It is performed only by qualified specialists with its special equipment.

Cleaning the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner can be done with a special spray. It has a disinfecting and disinfecting effect. Use it by spraying onto the cooling coil until the product begins to drip onto the floor. Leave the liquid for 2-3 minutes, and then repeat the procedure. After that, you need to remove the remains of the spray from the tubes and housing. Remember, you can not wipe the cooling coil. Otherwise, you can mash the slats, ruin the gasket. Excess funds must flow naturally.

Instructions for Cleaning the Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit

The external block of the conditioner, as a rule, is polluted not less, than internal. Therefore, it also needs regular maintenance. Cleaning should be carried out a couple of times a year, even if the device is used intensively.

A vacuum cleaner is also used for cleaning. Note that it should be powerful enough. Only in this way will he be able to pull out all the dust from the heat exchange radiators and external filters.

If the outdoor unit air conditioner is located high above the ground, it is enough to unscrew the grille that protects the inside of the device. Next, we process the internal Ac Spare Parts with a vacuum cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth. If this cannot be done, it is better to hire Air Conditioning specialists in Dubai who remove the Air Conditioner and carry out its thorough deep cleaning.

Automatic Air Conditioning Cleaning

Most of the latest modern air conditioners and split systems have advanced functionality that includes an automatic cleaning system. It is performed in a simple way: air flows idling through the system. This is achieved by drying the cooling coil and various internal parts of the device.

Some new models of air conditioners in Dubai use ion air purification system. A special device helps to bind nitrogen and oxygen ions with dust particles, they are thus charged and “caught” by a dust collector. Some other models use ionized mist in their work, as well as air mass ionization systems and multi-stage filtration.

If the air conditioner has a built-in touch sensor, the device can independently take into account the composition of the air and start a self-cleaning system at the right time.

Maintenance of air conditioners in Dubai is of the latest generation is greatly simplified. However, it should be remembered that no device can reach the filters and wash them with soap and water! Therefore, even innovative systems need manual cleaning.

Why use a Steam Generator when Cleaning the Air Conditioner

At pollution of the Air conditioner its cooling decreases, and in the room there is an unpleasant smell. Ordinary water can not wash away the dirt, and the benefits of the use of chemical cleaners under a big question. Due to the properties of the steam generator, many impurities are safely removed, which is why it has gained popularity and is widely used for cleaning air conditioners in Dubai.

Advantages of the method

The Air conditioner is widely used both in premises, and at offices. For almost half a year it will save from heat in the summer period and heats the room with the onset of the first cold weather before the start of the heating season. In such a period of operation provides for regular cleaning equipment from clogging. The Air Conditioning unit has sophisticated technology and, if there is no air conditioning maintenance, the air-conditioner can fail.

During operation, dust gets into the air conditioner, which reduces its performance. Even in expensive models of world-class split-systems, an unpleasant smell may appear during operation due to the mechanism contamination. A steam cleaner can solve this problem, moreover, such a device will allow you to carefully and effectively remove dirt from other surfaces in the room.

Due to the effect of high temperature under high pressure in Dubai, Air Conditioning system with a steam generation mechanism also disinfects.

Cleaning the air conditioning system in Dubai can be carried out by chemical means, but not all working units are available for this. Moreover, the ingress of water into the mechanism can lead to damage to the device. The smell of detergent remaining in the air remains in the air for a long time, which can cause discomfort or an allergic reaction. After such cleaning the air conditioner, it will generate the smell of the applied chemistry for a long time while supplying cold air.

Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning Technology

The filter system in air conditioners and split systems is the most vulnerable part of technology. The filter is similar to a small mesh, which is located under the front indoor panel of the air conditioner. Through it, air enters the device. The grid catches the smallest motes and protects both the exhaust air into the room and various parts of the air conditioner, such as a radiator, from pollution.

Flush device filters as often as possible. It is recommended to do this every 14-20 days. If your air conditioner works in the industrial zone, then it is worth cleaning even more often.

Before you clean the air conditioner, remember that it should be done delicately. Under no circumstances should you rudely rub filters or use household detergents. First, if the air conditioner fails due to improper cleaning, it will not be repaired under warranty. Secondly, household chemicals will pollute the air that the device releases into the room.

To clean the filters, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the top cover of the air conditioner. From there we get the upper filters.
  2. Soak the filters for 5-10 minutes in a warm soapy solution. During this time, dust and grease should move away from the mesh.
  3. We clean the rotary fan, which looks like a roller. It disperses the flow of cooled air from the device into the room. After a while, dust and grease accumulate on the blades. Apply to the blades of a solution of household soap.
  4. We cover the floor with cling film and turn on the conditioner 5-10 minutes after applying the soap on the blade. The device begins to be cleaned of its own pollution.
  5. In this mode, the air conditioner should run for a few minutes. After which we complete the cleaning of the blades with a brush until dirt remains on them.
  6. Clean the vents that are on the top cover of the device.

Causes of Air Conditioning Dirt

Dirt in the outdoor and indoor units of the air conditioner provokes huge, unpurified air masses that the AC passes through its filters every day. It is they who cause unpleasant odor and noise in the process of the air-conditioning operation. The units of the air-conditioner are in regular contact with condensate, which means that the air conditioners should be cleaned regularly.

Changes that occur in the operation of the Air Conditioner tend to accumulate gradually, reaching a critical level, when the device simply ceases to cope with its functions and breaks.

There are certain factors that affect the degree of wear and dirt of the air conditioner. This is the level of air pollution, its humidity, as well as the height at which the external unit of the device is located. So, air conditioners that work at a height of 12-15 floors absorb much less dust than below, because at such a height the concentration of air pollutants is much lower.

Particularly quickly wear air conditioner filters that operate near industrial facilities. Also, the “worst enemy” of air conditioners – poplar fluff, which clogs the filters. Late cleaning of the air conditioner leads to the fact that the clogged filter becomes a comfortable habitat for various microscopic parasites, ticks, mold, fungi.

Cleaning the air conditioner in Dubai should be done immediately if you began to notice such features of its work:

  • Unpleasant aroma immediately after turning on the air conditioner;
  • Internal air conditioner leaks during operation;
  • The appearance of noise when turning on and operating the Air Conditioner.
It is necessary to perform cleaning work at least twice a year: before the start of the spring-summer season and before the winter.
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Disinfection of Air Conditioners in Dubai

Ac Disinfection Service Dubai

Disinfection of Air Conditioners in Dubai are included in the cost of technical and service maintenance of the air conditioner in Dubai. We will solve any problem of repair and maintenance of Air Conditioners in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

An effective way to prevent the occurrence of airborne infectious diseases is to clean and disinfect ventilation and air conditioning systems in Dubai.

Sanitary and epidemiological surveys are carried out at least 1 time in 6 months in the framework of the implementation of production control over the observance of sanitary regulations and the implementation of sanitary and epidemiological (preventive) measures.

Order of Work

  • conducting a sanitary-epidemiological survey, as well as the premises in which they are installed, in order to assess their sanitary and hygienic and sanitary-technical condition
  • cleaning and disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Air Conditioner performance evaluation

The work is carried out by qualified specialists, using professional equipment and certified disinfectants!

Works on disinfection are included in the cost of technical and service maintenance of the air conditioner in Dubai!

We will solve any problem of Ac repair and Ac maintenance in Dubai.

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Best Ac Maintenance

Our company offers you best service maintenance of air conditioning systems in Dubai, maintenance of household air conditioners, maintenance of industrial air conditioners, which is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of leading global manufacturers. We have special permits and licenses for the installation, installation and maintenance of HVAC equipment in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

For a smooth and uninterrupted process of working air conditioners in Dubai need care. Therefore, you should not wait for the time to come and the air conditioner will fail. The best treatment is prevention. A common problem is poor ventilation of cool air, unpleasant odors and a too slow decrease in temperature.

An important step in the maintenance of air conditioners in Dubai is the periodic inspection of their components, which may be damaged. These include Copper tubes through which the refrigerant flows.

Experts “All Done Ac Maintenance LLC” provide a range of Air Conditioning services in Dubai, which includes installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioners:

  • Diagnostics of all Air Conditioning systems;
  • Problem identification: breakdowns, refrigerant leaks, etc .;
  • Testing Air Conditioner performance in a variety of operating modes and states;
  • Service maintenance of the Air conditioner;
  • AC Cleaning and refilling freon;
  • Minor troubleshooting before overhaul.

Maintenance and repair of air conditioners

As our practical experience shows, in the course of operation, individual units of an air-conditioner lose their properties under the influence of a number of adverse factors. First, the filter cells become clogged with various solid particles (dust, dirt, etc.) present in the air. Secondly, due to moisture (in the form of condensate), fungus and mold can form on the surface of the heat exchanger.

Accordingly, the time of continuous operation of equipment increases, which leads to its increased wear. In order to avoid a violation of the functionality of the devices, experts strongly recommend cleaning office air conditioners after 3-4 months of work, and apartment cleaning once a year.

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